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Excel Martial Arts Timetable 2018

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 Kids Karate

(6-13 years old)

Kids Thai Kickboxing    

(6-13 years old)

Kids Karate 

(6-13 years old)

Kids Thai Kickboxing    

(6-13 years old)

5:30 - 6:30 Mixed Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fight Team Mixed Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fight Team BJJ, MMA & Open Thai Kickboxing and Sparring
6:30 - 7:30

Fight Team


Core Strength & Fitness

Thai Kickboxing White - Red

Fight Team


Core Strength and Fitness

Thai Kickboxing - Green and Above Core Strength & Fitness
7:30 - 8:30 Thai Kickboxing - Green and Above     Thai Kickboxing White - Red  








Excel Martial Arts founder, Kru Ando Williamson, is the creator of our Muay Thai program. Through various trips to Thailand and over 15 years of training, he has created a Muay Thai program that is traditional Muay Thai mixed with some westernised kickboxing. Muay Thai is the art of eight limbs and with our system you will not only learn all modes of attack with your limbs but defence as well. 

The program has a fantastic blend of fitness, self defence, mental and spiritual training, stand up training, pad work and much more. Muay Thai is great people of all ages, gender and abilities, our Muay Thai program caters for beginners through to advanced. 





Excel Martial Arts’ MMA system gives the student everything they need to know; from entering the cage for a fight to what to do in a self defence situation. 

Kru Ando Williamson has derived a MMA program that caters for all sorts of styles. In this program you will learn Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and wrestling. Our MMA System will teach you stand up striking, take downs, take down defences and ground and submission game. 

You will learn every facet of Mixed Martial Arts so you can have every confidence in your own abilities to get yourself out of harms way or be able to use the skills you have learnt in an amateur or professional fight.

MMA is open for males and females from ages 13 years and up. Not only will you get a fantastic work out, you will learn offensive and defensive skills to last you a lifetime. 







Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) program stems from Professor John Will, the Will/Machardo system. Excel’s master instructor Kru Ando Williamson trains vigorously every week under one of Professor John’s closest students, Mr Cam Rowe. This ensures Kru Ando keeps up his training as well as providing an exciting program full of new innovative moves.

BJJ is perfect for someone looking for self defence training without the brutality and danger of striking. BJJ gives you the self defence and ground skills and the ability to manipulate a larger opponent by using leverage and intelligence rather than brute force. We have a fantastic grading system that is under the constant eye of Cam Rowe. 







Our core strength and conditioning fitness class is run by our resident personal trainer Ben Wade. Ben has derived a fantastic program that incorporates core strength and conditioning while also giving you cardio based exercises.

Our program also caters for rehabilitation, nutrition advice, and one on one personal training also available with flexible hours of operation during the day and evening. 






For those of you who are looking for that little bit more, Excel Martial Arts also has a fight team that trains 5 nights a week. Whether it be amateur or professionally, our fight team competes all over Australia in various events in Muay Thai or MMA. Our fight team concentrates more on the individual and on the fighting aspect of martial arts. We believe that we have the perfect blend of creating a fantastic fighter while still maintaining your martial arts skills and mentality. 

Kru Ando Williamson has derived a schedule based system for the fight team that works on cardio, skills sessions, clinch work, take downs, ground components, pad work, and stand up skills. We firmly believe that this system creates strong bodies and minds to create a fantastic and proficient fighter. 




The kids kickboxing (Muay Thai) program was deisgned by Kru Ando Williamson and our kids instructor Andrew Zarro. Kids kickboxing is for children ages 6 to 13. This program enables kids to build up self esteem, discipline, respect, life skills, self defence, and fitness. 

As well as the aforementioned skills, our program focuses on bully defence, stranger awareness and how to deal with these situations. Our instructor will teach your children when and where it is appropriate to use the skills they have been taught and ways to get themselves out of trouble where ever possible. 

All our instructors are trained in first aid and have current Working With Children checks done.




Excel’s kid Karate program is specifically designed to meet the needs of your child. Our program will your child the tools they need to assist them throughout their pre-teen years. Excel’s karate program is a Goju based Karate program that blends traditional Karate with the dynamic martial arts of today. With modern and energetic teaching methods your child will quickly build a strong martial arts base as well as building their confidence, courage, focus and respect.